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Thank you for visiting our website, we are Karen and Tony, we live in Suffolk with our Finnish Lapphunds and three Alpacas.

I first discovered the Finnish Lapphund in 1999, two puppies joined a dog training club that I used to attend with Robyn, our German Shepherd and Jess, our Chinese Crested Powder-puff.

I was really taken with the Lapphund puppies and enjoyed seeing them every week. I told Tony about the breed, he agreed they would be a breed he would like to own but the timing was not right.  At that time Lapphunds were a rare breed, we had a young child, two dogs and two cats.

We lost Robyn to cancer and a German Shepherd Puppy, Kelly needed a home.  Then we lost Jess and we took on a fabulous Rough Collie Travis. It seemed like when I was ready for a Lapphund Puppy another dog needed a home so the Lapphund dream continued. 

In 2008 I decided that I would like to get another dog for agility.  I wanted a Finnish Lapphund puppy this time and this was when my search for a Lapphund puppy began.  I was on a few breeders lists, had joined a club, attended events, went on walks however it just didnít seem to happen and after about eighteen months I was all for giving up. But, a twist of fate meant that within a week of getting Isla, my long awaited Finnish Lapphund puppy, I found myself collecting Rufus an older Finnish Lapphund!

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