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Finnish Lapphunds As Pets

We have found the Finnish Lapphund a delightful breed to live with, they are good with children, trainable, and are really good company.  They get on well with other dogs and animals.

Now the not so good is that they like to dig, enjoy chasing, love to bark and can be stubborn.

Our philosophy, like with any dog, what you put in to your training is what you get  out.  It is never too early to start training!.

If you would like to meet our adult dogs please e-mail me with a few details and we can make arrangements to meet up. 

I also recommend that you attend Open and Championship shows to see what dogs are being shown, you will get an idea of the sort of dog you like and it is a good way to meet other owners and breeders. Details of shows can be found on the links above.

  Alkantara Finnish Lapphunds 2012